Welcome to Cynvec

Cynvec is an oncology focused biotechnology company founded in 2004 to exploit the cancer killing ability of the the company's proprietary oncolytic viral vector, sindbis. Our first product CYN 101, which utilizes the vector's natural binding and apoptotic characteristics, has been shown to selectively bind to and kill a number of cancer cell types, including ovarian, pancreatic, GI, liver, colorectal, and other cancers.


To become the leader in developing and commercializing innovative therapies based on our proprietary sindbis vector.


Exploit the cancer killing ability of the sindbis oncolytic viral vector, and fight every day for cancer patients, their doctors, nurses and caregivers.


We are a team in action... 
Inspired by passion – leading the charge with aspiration, tenacity and fun. 
Guided by integrity – committing to ethical, credible and honest relationships with our partners, and each other. 

Driven by purpose – delivering on the promise of our people, our technologies, and our industry.

Sindbis Virus